Finding My Tony

Just to be clear, this is not a confessional about a journey to unravel my alternate persona. In fact, this title refers to a form of activism inspired by the Tony Smith Wiki Project – you will be seeing much more of it on Twitter under #findmytony. It is my kind of activism, which doesn’t involve scaling trees or walls, but instead joins me in with others in the pursuit of a better, more accessible and enjoyable art world and opens out the conversation about the preservation of public art. Ideal. In embracing my inner activist, I have also discovered my innate competitive streak and want to get first dibs on the sculpture I’m going to seek out. Its name is Tau 1/3 and it sits outside Hunter College in New York. If you didn’t already know about it, you soon will. The project’s launch has been announced today as Smith is the inaugural artist in VoCA’s Artist Research Project, so I wanted to get in there quickly and announce myself that I have found my Tony. Good luck finding yours.


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